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Disney Infinity Launches


Yesterday was the long anticipated launch date of Disney’s toy-to-game franchise, Disney Infinity. Infinity comes off of great influence from Activision’s Skylanders series, but is determined to make its own unique approach and mark into the recently popular toy-to-game experiences, as well as properly satisfy returning Disney fans.

It will be very interesting to see the rivalry unfold between Skylanders and Infinity, as well how the similarities and differences will compare between the two titles. Check back at the end of the week for my extensive Skylanders VS Infinity article, to see how the game pit against each other.

I’m very excited to spend some time with this game and see just what Disney has up their sleeve, so check back soon, and keep an eye out for my reader contests!

– Caleb Stiles

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Toychaser is Back and Just in Time!

I’ve unfortunately been away from my blog for the last two semesters due to demanding studies, but things have subsided, and I am back just in time! With SwapForce just around the corner, It’s time to get things up and running again. A welcome hand goes out to my returning readers, as well as new readers and visitors!

Look for major site updates throughout the week, check back each day to keep up with my blog, and never forget to keep an eye out for my Skylanders contests, where you can win rare and elusive figures!

Comment below what you are most excited about for Skylanders SwapForce, and happy reading!

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Ninjini Arrives Tomorrow as a Toys R’ Us Exclusive

Toys ‘R Us has announced that Ninjini will hit store shelves tomorrow morning, at the beginning of store hours. Here’s a preview video of Ninjini. Who’s you’re favorite Skylanders Giant? Subscribe and comment below! Keep it locked for everything Skylanders!

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Molten Hot Dog Skylanders Variant Coming This March

News has just surfaced about the long anticipated variant to the popular Skylander, Hot Dog. For those living in the U.S., Molten Hot Dog will be a Wal-Mart exclusive, and hits store shelves March 15th. Molten Hot Dog will be released in a single character pack, and does not seem to require any type of bundle purchase, so a huge relief is definitely shown there! Leave a comment with your thoughts on Molten Hot Dog, and stay tuned for an in-depth look at Skylanders Swap Force gameplay and story!

– Caleb Stiles

Molten Hot Dog

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