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Skylanders Swap Force Launch Day Tips

Boom Zone

Skylanders Swap Force hits store shelves in just a few days, so here are some tips on obtaining the Skylanders Figures you want on day one.

While Skylanders Swap Force releases Sunday, October 13th, its important to note that some stores will start their release at Midnight the 12th.  Different retailers will open at different times Sunday morning, so its best to plan your trip to hit each store as early as possible.

Wal-Mart will start its Skylanders Swap Force distribution Saturday at midnight, so it’s best to start there. Wal-Mart has an exclusive Hoot Loop variant named Enchanted Hoot Loop, an interesting variant that changes color in light! If you want to pre-order this figure or learn more, check out my last article here. Wal-Mart also has an exclusive Magic Triple Pack which contains Mega Ram Spyro, Super Gulp Pop Fizz, and Star Strike. Lastly, Wal-Mart has several major bundle packs, which is a big money and time saver, if you are looking to collect all the characters.


Okay that’s a start, now it’s time for Sunday morning, where things will really get crazy. I’m going to discuss several retailers and their variants available at launch.

Target has two options for a double pack, both options contain Nitro Magna Charge, and either Rattle Shake or Free Ranger. Be sure to contact your local Target and see exactly when they open, so you don’t miss out on this crazy cool variant of Magna Charge.

pack_double_1 pack_double_2

Lastly, there is a Dark Edition Starter Pack available for pre order at your local GameStop, EB Games, or Game, so be sure to bag that Sunday as well!


There is going to undoubtedly be several unannounced variants bouncing around store shelves on Launch Day, so always keep your eyes peeled when your looking for Skylanders! Good luck snagging all of the available variants on launch day, share this guide with a friend, and for everything Skylanders Swap Force, keep it here at ToyChaser!

– Caleb Stiles

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Skylanders Swap Force: Gameplay and Story

Wash Zone in Action

Wash Zone in Action

Skylanders Swap Force is showing a huge upgrade in graphics and gameplay mechanics from the previous titles, and with developer Vicarious Visions in the saddle, I can’t wait to hear more about their influence on the Skylanders series. I’ve put together a great deal on current gameplay and story information, so buckle up!


Skylanders Swap Force takes place in an all new location within Skylands known as The Cloudbreak Islands, where Kaos is working on his next plot to take over  the Skylands. In order to defeat Kaos (and his mother) this time around, a new line of toys, Skylanders Swap Force is introduced! Swap Force Skylanders are Skylanders that were blasted to earth and split in two by a magical volcanic eruption. These Swap Force Skylanders are very happy and eager to be put back together, and sent back to The Cloudbreak Islands by you, the Portal Masters! I’m very interested to see how they will use this Swap Force element as part of the story, and how well it will work in the cutscene videos. The cutscene videos look amazing and crisp under the development of Vicarious Visions, and that was an upgrade I was very much looking forward too. There will be some returning faces as well, including the fan-favorite Captain Flynn, and yes, Patrick Waburton has returned to voice this loud and opinionated character.

Blast Bomb and Blast Freeze

Blast Bomb and Blast Blade


Before anything else is said about the gameplay changes and improvements, I see it as pure justification to start off by telling you that finally, you can jump with your Skylanders. This is a long aniticipated mechanic that I’ve been seeing as a necessity since Spyro’s Adventure. Not only will this directly affect mobility and maneuverability, but levels and puzzles will also see a great robust change, in order to implement jumping. Skylanders Swap Force characters are really offering a new experience of gameplay in The CloudBreak Islands, and in many different ways. Each Skylanders Swap Force Character has two parts, the top half is focused on character and attack, while the bottom half is focused on mobility. Each Swap Force character can mix and match their parts with ANY of the 16 Swap Force Skylanders, creating 256 unique “Swapabilities”! It’s very exciting to see Vicarious implement this type of creativity, because it creates more customization with less Skylanders, and that is a financial sigh of relief.

Blast Buckler

Blast Buckler

Each Swap Force character has a hexagonal shape at the base of their element piece, and this depicts a specific mobility, which will open up new zones in the levels. There are eight unique abilities, such as climbing (depicted above), speed, flying, teleporting, climbing, digging, etc. This not only creates more unlockable zones within a level, but it also creates more robust play styles through those areas. Along with the traditional Elemental Areas there are new Elemental Areas that depict two elements, and again your Swap Force Skylanders come into play. You need to create a mix and match Swap Force Skylander that contains both elements shown in order to get maximum benefit from that area. The swapping of Skylanders and and mixing of characters should not halter the gameplay, because the top and bottom pieces are held together by a magnet, creating simple and quick character swapping. Check out this Gameplay Video to see for yourself!

That wraps up the story and gameplay of Skylanders Swap Force, if you are more interested in each of the Characters, then check them out right here. Stay tuned for more exciting Skylanders Swap Force news, and look out for a chance to win a free Skylander, coming soon, from right here at Toy Chaser! Leave a comment with your thoughts, and please subscribe!

– Caleb Stiles

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Skylanders Swap Force Revealed


Skylanders has just announced Skylanders SwapForce, and it is going to be an absolute gamechanger for Skylanders. Vicarious Visions takes the developing reigns in this title and it sounds like they have done a great job with the series. Swap Force focuses on 16 new Skylanders that are interchangeable at the hip, which creates a total of 256 combinations. All together, there are 16 new mix and match Swap Force Skylanders, 16 new series 3 reposed Skylanders (These are reposed figures from the first two games, so therefore being referred to as Series 3 figures), 16 new core Skylanders, and 8 new lightcore toys, bringing the total to 56 new toys. All Series 3 Figures will have a blue base, denoting their series. SwapForce is going to have updated visual quality, as well as new gameplay mechanics. You can now jump with each of the Skylanders, and some even provide flying and climbing capabilites, giving fresh taste to the series. The Starter pack will come with a new and required Portal of Power, two Swap Force Skylanders, and a series 3 repose figure.

Here are some pictures to help you grasp the concept, leave your comments below, and stay tuned for my character feature later this evening!

– Caleb Stiles

swap2  swap41 swap3



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New Domains Give Insight to the Next Skylanders Game


Recently Fusible.com discovered four Skylanders Domains registered by Skylanders Partner, MarkMoniter. These domains were registered January 30th, 2013 and are as follows:





Nothing else has been said about these very exciting domains, but I’d like to hear what you think! Leave a comment below explaining what you think the next Skylanders game will be about!

– Caleb Stiles

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