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Disney Infinity: The Verdict


Disney Infinity ignites the imagination of gamers of all ages, brings a vibrant glisten of nostalgia for the adult audience, and is a jam packed experienced built on the concept of limitless fantasy, unbounded creation, and true unity across the franchises of Disney. Get The Verdict below.

Presentation: The game looks gorgeous and the animated graphic style works great for Disney Infinity. There are minimal cutscenes but as much is expected for such a broad horizon title. The toy like mechanics to all of the characters add a well defined aspect of adorability to the characters, and wraps up the presentation smoothly altogether.

Gameplay: The Gameplay in Infinity was much different than I anticipated, but left me coming back hour after hour, until I cleaned up every challenge and mission in the starter pack. Between collectibles, currency accumulation, graded challenges, and a exciting yet minimalist story, Disney Infinity racks up hours of play value, but leaves little replay value outside of the toy box.

Story: While each playset has it’s own gimmicky storyline full of corny lines and goofy adventures, the real story behind Disney Infinity is that you make your own story, with limitless materials from around the Disney Universe.

The Verdict: 8 Pizza Planet Trucks out of 10

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Caleb Stiles

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