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Skylanders Swap Force: A Deeper Look into the Characters

skylanders-swap-forceWith the announcement of Skylanders SwapForce, the first thing everybody wants to know about is the new Skylanders characters. Here you will find a short summary and description of each known-to-date Swap Skylander, as well as their known characteristics.

SwapForce Skylanders

Blast Zone is Fire Skylander, attributed with accurate firing and speed. He zooms and flies around the map with rocket boots, while targeting the enemies with a “more accurate than not” rocket attack. He resembles a medieval knight, much like Ignitor, but bulkier and more mobile. He carries around two-bombs that operate as his aforementioned rocket attack, and has a very lava-like flow between his joints. This lava-like embodiment gives him a noticeable glow in-game.

Blast-Zone on Portal of Power

Blast-Zone on Portal of Power

Wash Buckler is an octupus/pirate hybrid water skylander that comes together for a very attack savy yet sluggish character. In his left arm he holds a bubble-gun, and in his right he holds a cutlass. The bubble-gun traps enemies with a powerful bubble, while his cutlass then takes sharp advantage. This seems to be a great combo, but may not oversway his slow mobility. Wash Buckler slowly oozes across the ground with his tentacles in a very sluggish manner, but his tentacles provide for a mid-ranged attack, as well as the ability to climb.

Swash Buckler on Portal of Power

Wash Buckler on Portal of Power

Magna Charge is a polarized tech skylander, and brings speed and magneitcs together in a an agile manner. He sports a speed wheel that provides for quick movement accross the terrain, as well as an effective charge attack. His left arm functions as a rail gun zapping away enemies, while his magnetized head gives him the ability to pick up in-game objects and send them hurling towards enemies.


Freeze Blade is the second water Skylander announced for the SwapForce, and made his debut in Skylanders’ official teaser trailer, earlier today. Freeze blade seems to be a very icy feline with the ability to skate accross the ground. Freeze Blade sports a spiked circuar boomerang, that may work as a ranged attack.


Night Shift is the first mentioned undead SwapForce Skylander, and also made his debut in the teaser trailer. He is a hovering Skylander with only mist making up his lower half. Night Shift also likes to punch things, as hinted by his skull crested boxing gloves.


Stink Bomb is the first Life SwapForce Skylander to be announced, and made his appearance alongside Night Shift and Freeze Blade in the teaser trailer. Stink Bomb is a martial arts practiced creature, with a malodorous stink bomb attack coming from nowhere else than under his tail.


Core Skylanders

Core Skylanders are one of four groups of figures being released with Skylanders SwapForce. There are 16 Swapforce characters, 16 core skylanders (skylanders that are not interchangeable or lightcore). 16 repose skylanders featuring series 1 and 2 characters, and 8 new lightcore figures.

Countdown is one of the debut core skylanders, and he represents the Tech Skylanders. Countdown is all about the bang and boom, featuring a time bomb for a head, and two fireable rockets as hands. His head happens to be removable, and can be thrown at enemies to make quite the explosion, Countdown will simply sprout a new head upon impact.

Rollerbrawl is the other debut core skylander, and she is an undead roller-skating skylander. This will more than likely give her great maneuverability, and her two-clawed wrist guards should complement her speed nicely. Rollerbrawl also has a very tough looking head-butt attack, that should work great with speed.

From the Left, Countdown and Rollerbrawl

From the Left, Countdown and Rollerbrawl

No lightcore Skylanders have been announced yet, but of the 16 repose Skylanders, both Stealth Elf and Eruptor have been confirmed.

That wraps up the character summary, so be sure to leave a comment with your opinion on the currently known Swap Force Skylanders, and how you think they will upgrade and behave in the game, due to release this Fall season, and check out the slideshow below!

– Caleb Stiles

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