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PS4 Complete Wrap Up

Sony completely dominated Wednesday night with the announcement of the Playstation 4. I was completely impressed with the presentation, and while some elements were missing, I don’t feel that decision was in in bad taste. I’ve summarized they key elements of the PS4 presentation, as well as what I felt was missing.

The PS4 Console | System Specs
– X86 CPU
– Greatly Enhanced GPU
– Local HDD
– 8G RAM Operating at High-Speed

Functionality | What PS4 Can Do
– Stream Games From Playstation Store Before Purchase
– Share Live Gameplay
– Provides Multicasting Through UStream
– Suspend/Resume Functions
– Playstation Plus Highly Integrated
– Other Applications Such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon Instant
– Digital Titles Playable As You Download
– Remote Play With The PS Vita
– Higher PS Move Integration
– You Can Sign Into Multiple Accounts On One Console

The Dualshock 4 | What Does It Change
– Touchpad
– New Share and Options Button
– Shape Alteration, and Trigger Button Size Increase
– Joysticks Altered For Comfortability

GaiKai | What It Means For The Player
– Bringing The Vision “Everything, Everywhere”
– Guiness Record Speed Cloud Streaming
– Working Towards Integrating Past, Present and Future Titles to the Playstation Cloud
– GaiKai is a “Feature in Progress” and Will Roll Out in Multiple Phases

The Games | Announced and Featured
– Knack
– Killzone: Shadow Fall
– DriveClub by Evolution
– Infamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch
– The Witness
– Deep Down (Working Title) by Capcom
– Watch Dogs by Ubisoft
– Destiny by Bungie and Activision
– Diablo III by Blizzard

Missing Elements | What’s It Look Like!?
– The Hardware
– PS Vita Games
– No Price

What elements and games were you looking forward to?
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– Caleb Stiles

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