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Disney Infinity: The Verdict


Disney Infinity ignites the imagination of gamers of all ages, brings a vibrant glisten of nostalgia for the adult audience, and is a jam packed experienced built on the concept of limitless fantasy, unbounded creation, and true unity across the franchises of Disney. Get The Verdict below.

Presentation: The game looks gorgeous and the animated graphic style works great for Disney Infinity. There are minimal cutscenes but as much is expected for such a broad horizon title. The toy like mechanics to all of the characters add a well defined aspect of adorability to the characters, and wraps up the presentation smoothly altogether.

Gameplay: The Gameplay in Infinity was much different than I anticipated, but left me coming back hour after hour, until I cleaned up every challenge and mission in the starter pack. Between collectibles, currency accumulation, graded challenges, and a exciting yet minimalist story, Disney Infinity racks up hours of play value, but leaves little replay value outside of the toy box.

Story: While each playset has it’s own gimmicky storyline full of corny lines and goofy adventures, the real story behind Disney Infinity is that you make your own story, with limitless materials from around the Disney Universe.

The Verdict: 8 Pizza Planet Trucks out of 10

Announcement: Skylanders SwapForce hits shelves in just over a week, so be sure to keep it locked at Toy Chaser for the best collector’s coverage, reviews, multiplayer madness, and contests!

Caleb Stiles


Disney Infinity Launches


Yesterday was the long anticipated launch date of Disney’s toy-to-game franchise, Disney Infinity. Infinity comes off of great influence from Activision’s Skylanders series, but is determined to make its own unique approach and mark into the recently popular toy-to-game experiences, as well as properly satisfy returning Disney fans.

It will be very interesting to see the rivalry unfold between Skylanders and Infinity, as well how the similarities and differences will compare between the two titles. Check back at the end of the week for my extensive Skylanders VS Infinity article, to see how the game pit against each other.

I’m very excited to spend some time with this game and see just what Disney has up their sleeve, so check back soon, and keep an eye out for my reader contests!

– Caleb Stiles

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Meloetta Arrives at GameStop March 4th

To those in the U.S., the rare singing Pokemon, Meloetta, arrives March 4th for a limited time at participating GameStops across the country. Meloetta has two forms, the Aria and Pirouette forms (Aria being its original form). Grab your Nintendo DS or 3DS and head up to GameStop next week to get your hands on this rare Pokemon! Who’s your favorite Pokemon? Subscribe, comment below, and keep it locked at Toy Chaser!
– Caleb Stiles


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PS4 Complete Wrap Up

Sony completely dominated Wednesday night with the announcement of the Playstation 4. I was completely impressed with the presentation, and while some elements were missing, I don’t feel that decision was in in bad taste. I’ve summarized they key elements of the PS4 presentation, as well as what I felt was missing.

The PS4 Console | System Specs
– X86 CPU
– Greatly Enhanced GPU
– Local HDD
– 8G RAM Operating at High-Speed

Functionality | What PS4 Can Do
– Stream Games From Playstation Store Before Purchase
– Share Live Gameplay
– Provides Multicasting Through UStream
– Suspend/Resume Functions
– Playstation Plus Highly Integrated
– Other Applications Such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon Instant
– Digital Titles Playable As You Download
– Remote Play With The PS Vita
– Higher PS Move Integration
– You Can Sign Into Multiple Accounts On One Console

The Dualshock 4 | What Does It Change
– Touchpad
– New Share and Options Button
– Shape Alteration, and Trigger Button Size Increase
– Joysticks Altered For Comfortability

GaiKai | What It Means For The Player
– Bringing The Vision “Everything, Everywhere”
– Guiness Record Speed Cloud Streaming
– Working Towards Integrating Past, Present and Future Titles to the Playstation Cloud
– GaiKai is a “Feature in Progress” and Will Roll Out in Multiple Phases

The Games | Announced and Featured
– Knack
– Killzone: Shadow Fall
– DriveClub by Evolution
– Infamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch
– The Witness
– Deep Down (Working Title) by Capcom
– Watch Dogs by Ubisoft
– Destiny by Bungie and Activision
– Diablo III by Blizzard

Missing Elements | What’s It Look Like!?
– The Hardware
– PS Vita Games
– No Price

What elements and games were you looking forward to?
Subscribe and comment below here at Toy Chaser!
– Caleb Stiles

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Toys ‘R Us CEO Hints at Disney Infinity Exclusivity


In an interview with Family Gamer TV, Toys R’ Us CEO and Chairman, Jerry Storch, had some interesting things to say, and even hinted at the possibility of exclusive figures arriving at Toys R’ Us, just as they had done with the Skylanders Franchise. Andy Robertson with Family Gamer TV posed the question to Storch on how Toys R’ Us would handle the Infinity Franchise, and this was his response:

“Well it’s different and we are the toys authority at Toys R Us so anything big you know you are going to find, and in an oversize special way with plenty of exclusives and excitement.”

Storch seems to be implying that some exclusive Disney Infinity figures/starter packs will be headed to Toys R’ Us shelves with the launch. What do you think? Subscribe and leave a comment below!

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Skylanders Swap Force Revealed


Skylanders has just announced Skylanders SwapForce, and it is going to be an absolute gamechanger for Skylanders. Vicarious Visions takes the developing reigns in this title and it sounds like they have done a great job with the series. Swap Force focuses on 16 new Skylanders that are interchangeable at the hip, which creates a total of 256 combinations. All together, there are 16 new mix and match Swap Force Skylanders, 16 new series 3 reposed Skylanders (These are reposed figures from the first two games, so therefore being referred to as Series 3 figures), 16 new core Skylanders, and 8 new lightcore toys, bringing the total to 56 new toys. All Series 3 Figures will have a blue base, denoting their series. SwapForce is going to have updated visual quality, as well as new gameplay mechanics. You can now jump with each of the Skylanders, and some even provide flying and climbing capabilites, giving fresh taste to the series. The Starter pack will come with a new and required Portal of Power, two Swap Force Skylanders, and a series 3 repose figure.

Here are some pictures to help you grasp the concept, leave your comments below, and stay tuned for my character feature later this evening!

– Caleb Stiles

swap2  swap41 swap3



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New Domains Give Insight to the Next Skylanders Game


Recently discovered four Skylanders Domains registered by Skylanders Partner, MarkMoniter. These domains were registered January 30th, 2013 and are as follows:

Nothing else has been said about these very exciting domains, but I’d like to hear what you think! Leave a comment below explaining what you think the next Skylanders game will be about!

– Caleb Stiles

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Welcome to Toy Chaser

Interested in rare Skylanders, or the upcoming figure-to-game title, Disney Infinity? Toy Chaser is your guide to finding the rarest of Skylanders and Infinity Figures. This blog will not only bring you constant news of the games and figures, but as reader satisfaction is so important to us, we will be featuring a weekly blog known as Mash-Up, not to mention the prizes to be won for our loyal readers! These prizes will consist of figures, collectibles, and much more! So welcome us to the web with that enticing subscribe button, and stay tuned! 🙂

– Caleb Stiles



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